Long time favorite of Frontera Fest and Austin Script Works, local playwright Hank Schwemmer has devoted over fifteen years to crafting singular theatrical experiences that supersede most fringe theater’s penchant for experimentation. While Schwemmer may be a veritable master of self-producing, Paper Chairs unanimously agreed a fully realized production of his work was long overdue. Over several months, the company selected a handful of Schwemmer’s unique offerings that together create a surprising world filled with peculiar characters in far-out circumstances, but consistently hit staggeringly close to home. Suspense will build through dark revelations in The Oracle Game. Puzzles will fall like snowflakes in Ballet for Dog and Red-Haired Girl. Outlandish fantasies will entertain in My Dream Date with Laurie Anderson. In less than two hours, six plays by Hank Schwemmer promise a cohesive smattering of everything.

Breaking ground in a new performance space, Delta Millworks, on East Fifth across the street from Justine’s Brasserie. A carpenter by trade, Schemmer’s work will feel right at home in the evocatively vast and shadowy woodshop.

Performed at Delta Millworks in the winter of 2012, featuring: Sonnet Blanton, Zac Crofford, Chase Crossno, Mark Stewart, Emily Tindall-Burke, Hugo Vargas-Zesati, and Noel Gaulin. Photography by Erica Nix.

written by Hank Schwemmer

co-directed by Kelli Bland, Keri Boyd, Elizabeth Doss, and Lisa Laratta

scenic design by Lisa Laratta

costume design by Georgia Young

lighting design by Natalie George